Ken and Sarah Hockey

Mid-Week Leaders

Ken and Sarah Hockey


1. What do you do at Exeter Pentecostal Tabernacle?

We are involved in mid-week ministry. We provide a challenging Bible study for adults. After the study we then visit together in our cafe with some snacks. We welcome all others to come and have opportunities to meet new people. We love teaching the mid-week Bible study, and there is never one Wednesday night at 7p.m. that is the same!"

2. What do you do in your spare time?

In our spare time we enjoy being with our family, going skating, roller blading or swimming depending on the season and creating new memories!

3. What’s your idea of a vacation?

“Our idea of a vacation is going on a cruise boat for as long as we can while we tour the world and take pictures along the way! Family and friends have to be with us on this trip of course!”

4. What makes you laugh?

Our friends make us laugh whenever they come to visit, and mainly fun experiences make us laugh and smile.

5. What is your favourite memory verse?

(Sarah) My favorite memory verse would be Proverbs 31:10-31. It is how women of Noble Character are to act, and that’s what I will push myself to be in God.

6. What is your most passionate desire?

To have a family and be the best Christ-like example I can be as a wife, mother, and friend to those with whom I come in contact.